July 19, 2024

“The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon” Rakes in Millions at Chinese Box Office

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Directed by Huang Jingfu and starring Ethan Juan, “The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon“, aslo know as Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils & Zhou Chu Chu San Hai, has taken China by storm since its March 1st release. The film, which blends elements of gang revenge, crime action, and violent aesthetics, has grossed over 50 million yuan (approximately NT$219 million) in just two days, even topping the daily box office chart. This success has sparked discussions online, including the film’s high pre-release Douban score of 8.3 and the controversy surrounding reported edits to its violent content.

Netizens have pointed out that the film’s previously screened version underwent revisions to address its graphic scenes. For instance, the “execution scene” in the church at the end of the film was reportedly handled with a replacement image. However, some viewers allege that the publicly released version has been further sanitized, dubbing it “Zhou Chu Harmless” instead of “Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils.” While some online reports claimed the release version was crudely censored with pixelation, other mainland netizens who saw the film in theaters have refuted these claims.

Meanwhile, the film’s theme song “New Creation,” sung by Zheng Yihong, has garnered significant attention. Many viewers have been impacted by the song, even quoting its lyrics and expressing a desire for personal transformation.

“Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils” marks Huang Jingfu’s directorial and writing debut. The film, starring Golden Horse Best Actor Ethan Juan alongside Ben Yuen, Chen Yiwun, Wang Jing, Li Liren, and Cherry Hsieh, also draws inspiration from ancient Chinese fables. The film’s success extends beyond mainland China, having already grossed over NT$40 million in Taiwan. Notably, it was nominated for seven awards at the 60th Golden Horse Awards, including Best Director and Editing for Huang Jingfu, Best Actor for Ethan Juan, and Best Action Design for Hong Hesheng.

Watch Official Trailer for “The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon”

“The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon,” also known as “Zhou Chu Eliminates Three Evils,” tells the story of Chen Kui-lin, a notorious hitman in the Taiwanese underworld.
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