July 19, 2024
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TWICE’s Tzuyu Fans Concerned About Lack of Individual Promotions in 2023

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Tzuyus Mother Posts Cryptic Message Hinting at Disappointment with JYPE

JYPE Accused of Mistreating Tzuyu Fans Express Frustration Over Lack of Promotions, Tzuyu’s Mother Posts Cryptic Twitter  Message Hinting at Disappointment

Tzuyu, one of TWICE’s most popular members, has not had any individual promotions in 2023. This has led to concern and frustration among fans, who have rallied behind the hashtag #TzuyuDeservesBetter.

JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency, has recently faced accusations of mistreating and mismanaging its artists. In August, fans of ITZY sent a protest truck to the JYPE building demanding better promotions for the group.

Tzuyu’s fans are expressed frustration that she hasn’t had any individual promotions in 2023, while other TWICE members have. They are calling on JYPE to do better for Tzuyu.

JYPE has been accused of mistreating and mismanaging its artists in the past. Fans are hoping that JYPE will address the concerns surrounding Tzuyu’s lack of promotions, especially given the company’s history of sidestepping issues.

Tzuyu’s mother is believed to have posted a cryptic message on Twitter hinting at her disappointment with JYPE. The post reads: “Full of hypocrisy, words are like empty promises, broken as easily as a bubble. You weave lies with the skill of a novelist, but I am no longer fooled. Your lack of integrity is evident in your unbelievable behavior and your endless excuses.

Fans are hoping that JYPE will respond to the concerns surrounding Tzuyu’s lack of promotions and take steps to support her better.

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