July 24, 2024
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The TV series “Above the River” will premiere on CCTV-1

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The TV series “Above the River” also know as Power on the River, written and directed by Zhou Yaping, and starring Gao Weiguang, Chen Shu, Yuan Wenkang, and Lu Xiao lin, will premiere on CCTV-1.

The story of “Above the River”

“Above the River” tells the story of a group of progressive, courageous, and innovative judges, environmental experts, and public lawyers. It starts with the establishment of a grassroots environmental pilot court, which goes from having no cases to try and no one to understand it, to becoming a “cross-regional, full-river basin” environmental resources court. The court provides a unique solution for the balance between economic development and environmental protection, and contributes a “Chinese solution” to the reform of environmental justice in the world.

The TV series Above the River will premiere on CCTV 1

The cases involved in “Above the River”

As a TV series that showcases environmental resources courts and environmental pollution cases, “Above the River” interweaves and reductions a variety of environmental cases, including illegal fishing, decoration pollution, acid destruction of forests, illegal sand mining, buying and selling endangered animals, and neighborhood garbage disputes. It shows the tortuous path of China’s environmental judicial reform over the past ten years.

The highlights of “Above the River”

With a rare subject and unique perspective, “Above the River” brings a Chinese environmental story that not only has the ups and downs of the times and the workplace, but also the emotional ups and downs of individuals and families, as well as the unyielding will and the pursuit of continuous innovation.

Where to watch “Above the River”

The TV series “Above the River” will be broadcast on CCTV-1 tonight at 10:00 AM CST. It will also be available simultaneously on iQiyi and Tencent Video.

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