April 16, 2024
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Shock Among Fans as Han Seo-hee Faces New Allegations

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Shock Among Fans as Han Seo hee Faces New Allegations

On March 11th, Han Seo-hee took to her social media to address the controversy surrounding her alleged sexual harassment of idol group members. She wrote, “I’m just seeing this now, but I will be filing a defamation lawsuit against all of the false rumors that are being spread. This is not me, so why are you writing articles as if it is me without even checking? I will sue everyone.

The release of private messages between former trainee Han Seo-hee and a woman named A has caused a stir online. The leaked conversation, reportedly originating from a KakaoTalk group chat where Han Seo-hee interacts with her fans, reveals attempts to meet a male idol member.

In the messages, Han Seo-hee inquires about A’s dating history. A discloses a past relationship with a male idol named B, lasting over a year with occasional contact even after the breakup. This disclosure sparks Han Seo-hee’s request for an introduction.

She entices A with the prospect of luxury and entertainment, mentioning her residence in the affluent Hannam The Hill complex. Secrecy is emphasized throughout the conversation.

A, acting as a mediator, reaches out to idol B seeking an introduction for a wealthy heiress residing in Hannam The Hill. The desired qualities: good looks and personality. B obliges and connects A with idol C.

Following the introduction, Han Seo-hee invites idol C to her residence. However, the encounter apparently left her unimpressed. Disappointment is expressed about C’s appearance, claiming he appears better on television than in person. Her pursuit continues as she mentions plans to meet another idol.

Han Seo-hee’s Denial and Potential Lawsuit

Han Seo-hee’s representatives have vehemently denied the allegations. They claim the messages are fabricated and legal action will be taken against anyone spreading these falsehoods.

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