May 19, 2024
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Venice Biennale Fashion: Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian in Striking Similarities

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Venice Biennale Fashion Zhang Ziyi Zhang Zetian in Striking Similarities

Venice Biennale: A Star-Studded Event Draws Attention

The Venice Biennale is underway and has garnered widespread attention. Notable figures from brands, celebrities from the entertainment industry, and more are in attendance. The atmosphere is radiant with stars, a convergence of the entertainment and fashion worlds.

Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian: A Tale of Two Stars

Undoubtedly, the most eye-catching presence is that of Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian. Both are top-tier personalities, drawing ample attention wherever they go, shining brightly in any setting, attracting numerous onlookers.

Zhang Ziyi, having achieved notable success at a young age on the international stage, enjoys considerable fame globally.

Zhang Zetian: Marriage and Social Expansion

Zhang Zetian, since her marriage to the business tycoon Liu Qiangdong, has seen her social circle expand continuously.

Shared Surname, Shared Spotlight

Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian, not only share a surname but are also frequently seen at high-end social gatherings in different countries, becoming regulars in elite social circles. Consequently, the two are quite familiar with each other.

Striking Similarities: Coincidence or Design?

Interestingly, the attire of Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian is somewhat similar, whether it’s by the organizer’s request or coincidence remains unknown. Zhang Ziyi is dressed in shades of coffee both inside and out, carrying a black handbag and wearing black boots, a youthful and fashionable ensemble. Zhang Zetian, on the other hand, dons all-black attire, carrying a white handbag and wearing black shoes.

The attire of Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian is somewhat similar

A Shift in Style

In another photo together, both are seen wearing light-colored outfits, with skirts that appear identical. Zhang Ziyi wears a light-colored suit over a white knit top and a gray pleated skirt, a relatively rare style for her, resembling that of a career-oriented elite. Her post-divorce state seems to be flourishing, adding to her charm as she ventures back into her career. Zhang Zetian, in a short top and a gray pleated skirt, exudes a gentler demeanor, perhaps owing to her intact marriage and the love of her husband as well as her adorable children.

Zhang Ziyi rests her arm on Zhang Zetians shoulder

Maintaining the Image

Both Zhang Ziyi and Zhang Zetian are mothers of two, one in her 40s and the other in her 30s. They stand together without any hint of inferiority, indicating that they have also put considerable effort into their maintenance. After all, stars rely on their image for their livelihoods and cannot afford to be careless.

A Conversation and an Unintentional Slight

From the photos, it’s evident that upon seeing Zhang Zetian at the banquet, Zhang Ziyi immediately approached her, and the two engaged in lively conversation, creating a harmonious atmosphere. In the group photo, Zhang Ziyi rests her arm on Zhang Zetian’s shoulder, portraying a sisterly bond. At this moment, Xiaoxue, the renowned editor-in-chief of the prestigious fashion magazine “ELLE,” approached for a greeting. However, Zhang Ziyi was engrossed in her conversation with Zhang Zetian and inadvertently neglected Xiaoxue. Such an incident puts the esteemed editor in an awkward position, considering that “ELLE” is a highly esteemed magazine, a testament to Xiao Xue‘s exceptional abilities.

Zhang Zetian at the banquet Zhang Ziyi immediately approached her

As a result, Zhang Ziyi’s actions left a somewhat unfriendly impression on netizens.

Zhang Ziyi’s Network: Cultivating Connections

Zhang Ziyi gained prominence even before completing her university studies and has been continuously involved in various film and television projects. Clearly, her exceptional social and professional skills have garnered her abundant resources and connections. Her frequent appearances on the cover of “ELLE” magazine, a total of 15 times, indicate a good relationship with the editor-in-chief Xiaomei, who not only provides her with opportunities but also enhances her popularity. Xiaoxue’s sudden departure from “ELLE” in 2019 prompted numerous celebrities to express gratitude for the opportunities she provided.

In a message, Zhang Ziyi stated that her “revolutionary friendship” with Xiaoxue would not be interrupted and would continue to flourish.

Close Ties and Calculated Moves?

According to insiders, Zhang Ziyi also shares a close relationship with Su Mang, the former editor-in-chief of “Fashion Bazaar.” Rumors even suggest that Zhang Ziyi, knowing Su Mang’s fondness for bracelets, deliberately spent a considerable sum to buy one as a gift. She also reportedly spent millions to purchase a painting from Su Mang. Their interactions have led outsiders to believe that their friendship runs deep.

In 2021, at a renowned brand event, Zhang Ziyi, Su Mang, Carina Lau, Liu Yuxin, Zhang Zetian.

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