July 19, 2024
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“Polaris” Filming Begins: Anticipation Soars for Jun Ji-hyun & Kang Dong-won’s Spy Drama

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Polaris Filming Begins Anticipation Soars for Jun Ji hyun Kang Dong wons Spy Drama
Image Credit: CJ ENM

Actors Kang Dong-won and Jun Ji-hyun are confirmed to star in the new drama “Polaris” (working title), also know as “The North Star“. The drama boasts a powerhouse creative team, with writer Jeong Seo-kyung (“Mother,” “Little Women“) crafting the script and director Kim Hee-won (“Queen of Tears,” “Vincenzo,” “The Crowned Clown“) at the helm. According to a staff member’s social media post, filming for “Polaris” began on the 25th March with the two leads.

“Polaris” is a spy melodrama about spies who have lost their identities and are trying to find themselves.

Jun Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won were both offered roles in the drama last year and reportedly accepted. Their casting generated a lot of buzz, as it is their first time working together on a drama. It is also Kang Dong-won’s first drama appearance in 20 years.

Adding to the excitement, “Polaris” signifies Kang Dong-won’s long-awaited return to television. His last drama appearance was in “Magic” back in 2004.

The combination of Jeong Seo-kyung and Kim Hee-won, who have created “everyone’s favorite” works on both the screen and the small screen, along with the exceptional casting of Kang Dong-won and Jun Ji-hyun, has positioned “Polaris” as a frontrunner for a major hit. While news of the initial casting sparked excitement, the lack of official confirmation left fans anxious. However, the recent staff member’s social media hint has reignited anticipation.

Jun Ji-hyun’s mother-in-law, designer Lee Jung-woo, also expressed her delight about the duo’s pairing in “Polaris.” After reports emerged of their potential involvement, Lee Jung-woo took to social media, sharing her enthusiasm with the caption “My favorite combo! Finally.

Jeong Seo-kyung is known for her dedication, pouring her heart into the “Polaris” script. Insiders reveal her meticulous efforts to refine the script for maximum impact. With Jeong Seo-kyung’s emotionally resonant script, Kim Hee-won’s spectacular directing style, and the captivating performances expected from Kang Dong-won and Jun Ji-hyun, the synergy on screen promises to be extraordinary.

The broadcast schedule for “Polaris” has not yet been confirmed, but with filming underway, fans can expect more news and updates soon.


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