July 24, 2024
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“Tarot”: First Korean Series Invited to Cannes Short Film Competition

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Tarot First Korean Series Invited to Cannes Short Film Competition

The Korean horror-mystery series “Tarot,” starring actress Cho Yeo Jung, has been officially invited to the short film competition section of the Cannes International Series Festival.

Directed by Choi Byeong-Gil (Ashbun) and written by Kyeong Min Seon, “Tarot” is a series of interconnected stories about people who are trapped in the curse of tarot cards after a single moment of choice. The series depicts the cruel horror and mystery that unfolds as people living in reality face a gruesome fate due to the sudden prediction of tarot cards.

The series is an omnibus work consisting of seven episodes with different charms. Among the seven stories, “Santa’s Visit,” starring Cho Yeo Jung, has been selected for the short film competition section.

  1. Santa’s Visit
  2. Rent Mom
  3. Abandon Me
  4. Late Night Taxi
  5. One-Person Storage
  6. Couple Manager
  7. Phishing

“Santa’s Visit” tells the mysterious and eerie Christmas mystery that unfolds for a working mom, Ji-woo (played by Cho Yeo Jung), who raises her daughter alone, and her young daughter left home. Cho Yeo Jung, who previously visited the Cannes Film Festival with the film “Parasite,” has now been invited to the Cannes Series with “Santa’s Visit.”

Tarot” is the first Korean series to be invited to the Cannes Series short film competition section, and it is even more meaningful as it is the only Korean content among the feature film, short film, and documentary competition sections of the Cannes Series this year. Even before its release, the series has been recognized for its quality and completeness through its invitation to the Cannes Series.

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