May 19, 2024
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Han So-hee’s Emotional Return to Social Media: “Trying to Get My Thoughts Back Together”

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Han So hee

Taking to social media on April 10, Han So-hee offered fans a glimpse into her current state by sharing a selfie alongside a message from a supportive fan. The fan’s message reads, “Are you Han So-hee? If so, I just wanted to ask if you’re doing okay these days. I pretended not to know because I was worried that I might be bothering you while you’re resting. I like you a lot!

In a heartfelt response, Han So-hee wrote, “Yes, it’s me. Thank you for your concern. I’m trying to get my thoughts back together. Thanks to you, I have more motivation today. Thank you for acting like you knew me!

Han So hees Emotional Return to Social Media Trying to Get My Thoughts Back Together

The aftermath of her recent breakup with Ryu Jun-yeol has cast a shadow over Han So-hee. Last month, rumors of their relationship swirled after Ryu Jun-yeol’s ex-girlfriend, Hyeri, posted the word “funny” on social media, sparking speculation of a transit love.

Responding to the rumors, Han So-hee denied any involvement in a transit love and made some emotional statements, including a post perceived as a jab towards Hyeri. This drew significant attention to her. While Han So-hee confirmed her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol, it ultimately ended quickly, and they parted ways.

This recent social media interaction marks Han So-hee’s first public acknowledgment of her feelings since the breakup controversy.

Looking ahead, Han So-hee is gearing up for the release of the second season of the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature.” Additionally, her big-screen debut film “Heavy Snow” is slated to hit theaters in the latter half of 2024.

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