April 16, 2024
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Sandara Park on No-Bra Fashion: “Cool” or Inappropriate for Korea?

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Sandara Park on No Bra Fashion Cool or Inappropriate for Korea
Image courtesy of Newsen

Sandara Park expressed her thoughts on the no-bra fashion during a recent appearance on SBS PowerFM’s “2 o’clock Escape Cultwo Show.” She said, “It was so cool. She looked so confident. It’s her own preference.”

Dara Sandara revealed the story behind her failed attempt to go braless due to her stylist’s persuasion. On the March 8th broadcast of the show, Sandara Park and Brian appeared as guests. Sandara Park, who recently returned from Paris Fashion Week, mentioned the nickname “Bra Dara” that connects her and Brian, and exclaimed, “I was really ‘Bra Dara’ in Paris.”

After confirming on the show, “What is the level of ‘suggestiveness’? Is it okay to talk about going braless?”, Sandara Park soon said, “When I went to Paris, no one wore a bra, so I went braless. I packed about 10 bras to match them nicely, but I never had a chance to wear them. I asked my stylist, ‘Should I try going braless too?’ but she dissuaded me saying, ‘No, you should think about Korea.’ So I wore nipple patches and thought, ‘I guess I’m Bra Dara here too.'”

Brian said, “I heard that even in the US, men don’t like it because they feel like they’re being told what to do, so many of them don’t do it anymore.” Bbaek Ga said, “Some singers in our country have done it too. Like Hwasa.” And Kim Tae-gyun agreed, saying, “It’s stuffy.”

Kim Tae-gyun then said, “I once heard a story from someone who lived abroad for a long time. She said she felt so suffocated because of this, and when she told a Korean sister who lived nearby, ‘I feel so suffocated living here,’ she told her to ‘take off her bra,'” he said, drawing laughter.

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