May 19, 2024
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Park Ha-sun’s Luxe Look: Millions Won on Display in New Photos

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Park Ha suns Luxe Look Millions Won on Display in New Photos
Park Ha-sun; Image Courtesy: Instagram @mintsungrace

On April 22nd, South Korean actress Park Ha-sun set tongues wagging with a series of photos uploaded to his personal social media channel. The photos, devoid of captions, depicted Park Ha-sun in a modern urban environment, surrounded by what appeared to be famed cafes in Beverly Hills.

Park Ha-sun’s Sharp Style and Designer Flair

Park Ha-sun sported a short and neat hairstyle that exuded a casual yet chic vibe. His fashion choices were equally noteworthy, showcasing a comfortable yet stylish casual look. An oversized white PRADA’s T-shirt with patches served as the base, accentuated by a denim jacket draped over his shoulders, adding a touch of effortless cool.

Completing Park Ha-sun’s Look

Navy blue jeans anchored the outfit, providing a basic element that completed the overall casual yet stylish urban image. The final touch came in the form of a drink and food held by Park Ha-sun, a subtle reminder of the modern urbanite’s ability to enjoy leisure amidst a busy schedule.

Park Ha-sun: A Busy Bee On and Off Screen

While Park Ha-sun’s social media post has generated interest in his designer attire – estimated to cost close to 10 million won in total – it’s not the only thing keeping her busy. For over two years now, Park Ha-sun has been a familiar voice on the airwaves, hosting SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown radio” since November 2020. Fans can also look forward to seeing her on the small screen this year, with Park Ha-sun slated to appear in upcoming dramas “Tarot” and “Queen of the Scene.”

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