May 19, 2024
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The Legend of Shen Li (2024 Chinese Drama) 

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The Legend of Shen Li Plot Synopsis

Shen Li, the king of Bichang, was born with a bead and is the most powerful person in the demon world. One day, she was attacked by the demon king and was seriously injured. She fell into the human world and was rescued by the god Jun Xingzhi. The two fell in love, but their relationship was opposed by the heavens.

Once the ancient gods perished, Xing Zhi remained, the sole deity in the heavens. Whispers painted him, the God of Action, as a ruthless and passionless being who had lived in solitude for tens of millennia. Single-handedly, he swayed the tide in the war between immortals and demons, leaving Du Men in his wake, their remnants shrouded in mystery.

For Shen Li, Queen of the Demon World and born under a luminous pearl, life was a vibrant spectacle. But as her thousandth birthday loomed, the grasping claws of political marriage threatened to extinguish her radiance. Fleeing this unwanted union, Shen Li found herself battered back to her primal phoenix form, plummeting towards the mortal realm, wounded. In her weakened, comatose state, a mortal street vendor mistook her for a plump chicken, ruthlessly stripping her feathers before confining her to a cage for sale.

The Legend of Shen Li Cast

  • Shen Li (played by Zhao Liying): The king of Bichang, who was born with a bead, is powerful and domineering.
  • Xing zhi (played by Lin Gengxin): The god, handsome and elegant, is the most powerful person in the world.
  • Mo Fang (played by Xin Yunlai): The son of the demon king, handsome and unrestrained, is in love with Shen Li.
  • Fu Rong Jun (played by He Yu): Shen Li’s friend, gentle and kind.
  • You Lan (played by Jackie Li): Shen Li’s subordinate, loyal and brave.
  • Zhixi (played by Zeng Li): The god of war, powerful and valiant.
The Legend of Shen Li Cast
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