June 14, 2024
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“Shooting Stars (2024)” Premieres with Music Video and First Week Schedule

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Shooting Stars 2024 Premieres with Music Video and First Week Schedule

Li Xian’s Theme Song Music Video Released

On April 15th, the official music video (MV) for the title track of the TV series “Shooting Stars (2024)” was released. The song is sung by Li Xian, who also stars in the drama.

The MV from ShootingStars drama ost 《群星闪耀时》by LiXian

Story and Characters

The drama tells the story of Hua Zhen (played by Li Xian), a military cadet in Shanghai in 1936. Hua Zhen assumes a false identity to approach Yuan Sheng. He encounters a group of young people with different backgrounds and identities, including rookie policewoman Luo Min Min (played by Ren Min), police captain Chen Hao (played by Zhou You), and Public Security Bureau inspector Shi Jun Yu (played by CiCi Wang). Together, they face the turbulent times, uphold their beliefs, shoulder their missions, and shine brightly like stars.

Shooting Stars Story and Characters

Premiere Date and Viewing Schedule

On April 14th, the drama’s production team released a schedule for the first week of viewing. The drama will premiere on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV on April 15th at 8:00 PM.

Shooting Stars Premiere Date and Viewing Schedule

Here’s a breakdown of the viewing schedule for the first week:

  • VIP Members: Get access to the first 4 episodes on premiere day (April 15th). New episodes will be released daily. By Sunday (April 21st), VIP members can watch up to episode 13.
  • SVIP Members: Enjoy episodes 8 hours earlier on update days. This means SVIP members can watch new episodes at 12:00 PM on update days.
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