May 19, 2024
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Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying: On-Screen Chemistry and Dating Rumors

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Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying On Screen Chemistry and Dating Rumors
A picture of Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin in their drama ‘The Legend of Shen Li

Lin Geng Xin plays a deep and affectionate ancient god who falls in love with Zhao Li Ying in the drama “The Legend of Shen Li.” The drama blends divinity and humanity into the character of the ancient god, making him more charismatic and full of contrast. Working hand in hand with Zhao Li Ying, they constantly go through trials and tribulations, and finally achieve a happy ending. The character’s plasticity is very strong.

The interaction between the two, whether in or out of the play, has a unique CP (Couple Pairing) sense. It can be considered a fulfillment of the dream that was not fulfilled in the previous drama “Princess Agents.” Many people even think that the CP sense between Lin Geng Xin and Zhao Li Ying can extend to reality.

After all, they are both single and have been friends in the circle for many years. Their friendship has also stood the test of time. After filming “Princess Agents,” Lin Geng Xin has always called Zhao Li Ying “Xing Er” in his phone contacts, and the two interact frequently without avoiding suspicion.

Therefore, many people have picked up clues from these details and believe that they may become lovers. Until Lin Geng Xin’s real girlfriend, Shi Ruiyi, was exposed, the previous speculations and rumors were finally settled.

Internet celebrity Shi Ruiyi was photographed going out to play with Lin Geng Xin, and the two had a lot of romantic interactions. Shi Ruiyi has thick hair and a tall figure. She looks like a beauty from afar. She is wearing men’s clothes, and many people find that her clothes are actually the same style that Lin Geng Xin wore before.

In fact, Lin Geng Xin and Shi Ruiyi did not start dating recently. As early as October of last year, they were photographed shopping together. They went shopping and drinking milk tea together, and they also went to the mall to shop and try on clothes.

And this time, they went out again together, and Lin Geng Xin was driving with Shi Ruiyi. After arriving at the rest stop, they ate instant noodles and went to the toilet, no different from ordinary tourists.

However, this exposure also happened during the broadcast of the drama, which can’t help but make people suspect that Lin Geng Xin is trying to hype up his new drama. Perhaps, he doesn’t care about the CP fans of the drama, which has also caused some controversy, with many people accusing Lin Geng Xin of being a “playboy.”

Lin Geng Xin has had many rumored girlfriends before, one of whom is his college-age internet celebrity girlfriend Naogou, who is a classmate of his at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and a travel blogger.

Later, he also had a rumored relationship with Sun Yi, who also made a guest appearance in the drama “Princess Agents” he was filming at the time. Although neither of them has officially announced it, media paparazzi have also photographed Sun Yi going to Lin Geng Xin’s house to visit his parents, giving the impression that the two are about to get married. Sun Yi once played the role of Peach Blossom in the “Princess Agents” crew. She looks very similar to Sun Li and has a certain reputation in the circle. She is also a good match for Lin Geng Xin in terms of appearance and talent, but the two still did not become a couple.

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