July 19, 2024
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‘3rd Hwang Hee-chan Cup Futsal Running Cup II’ Concludes with FC Ttuk’s Victory

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3rd Hwang Hee chan Cup Futsal Running Cup II Concludes with FC Ttuks Victory

The popular SBS variety show “Running Man” once again delivered a hilarious episode, securing its position as the top variety show in its time slot. The June 16th broadcast recorded a target rating of 2% for the ‘2049 viewership’ (Nielsen Korea, metropolitan area, household basis), maintaining its first place among variety shows airing at the same time. The highest viewership per minute was 4.5%, and the household viewership was 3.8%.

Hwang Hee-chan Leads FC Ttuk to Futsal Victory

Following up on last week’s nail-biting competition, the episode unveiled the final results of the highly anticipated “3rd Hwang Hee-chan Cup Futsal Running Cup II.” FC Ttuk, having suffered defeats at the hands of FC Kook in the previous two games, finally found their footing. With Hwang Hee-chan spearheading the attack, they stormed to a commanding lead by scoring three goals in the first half. FC Ttuk’s coach, Yoo Jae-suk, couldn’t contain his excitement, declaring, “Soccer is too easy. I don’t even have to shout today.” He also offered some encouraging words to HaHa, acknowledging his effort with a warm, “You’re doing well.”

However, FC Kook wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Seizing upon a crucial mistake by HaHa, they clawed their way back into the game with a comeback goal. To further even the odds, they strategically deployed the “All out except Hwang Hee-chan” chance card, forcing a tie. Determined to secure the win, Hwang Hee-chan, fueled by a surge of competitive spirit, unleashed his impressive speed and ball control. He put on a dazzling “one-man show,” even assisting his teammate Oh Ha-young in securing a goal. Ultimately, FC Ttuk emerged victorious with a final score of 7:5, finally claiming the coveted revenge match trophy they had been yearning for.

Ji Ye eun Sparks Laughter with Escape Room Challenge and Dating Rumors

Ji Ye-eun Sparks Laughter with Escape Room Challenge and Dating Rumors

The episode also featured a thrilling “Room Escape Game” challenge with guest Ji Ye-eun. The clock was ticking, and the members along with Ji Ye-eun had to work together to escape the room within a strict 3-hour time limit. Failure to do so would result in a penalty for the entire group. In a display of teamwork and creative thinking, the members engaged in various activities, including making secret confessions, to crack the escape room’s puzzles.

Adding a touch of humor to the intense situation, Ji Ye-eun playfully addressed the rumors surrounding her and Kang Hoon. Referencing a previous interaction with HaHa, she teased, “Didn’t you feel awkward when I kicked you? If you do this, you won’t be able to date Kang Hoon.” Much to everyone’s surprise, she then jokingly declared, “I’m dating Kang Hoon.” When bombarded with questions about the truth behind the statement, Ji Ye-eun simply replied with a mischievous, “I’m just saying that,” sending the members into fits of laughter.

Further adding to the lighthearted mood, Ji Ye-eun reminisced about a previous appearance on the show. Recalling a moment when Kim Jong-kook complimented Kang Hoon’s broad shoulders, she revealed, “Last time I was on the show, Kim Jong-kook asked me, ‘Kang Hoon’s shoulders are really broad, right?’ and I nodded with a smile. It was so cute that I can’t remember how many times I watched that scene.” Her heartwarming confession left the members in stitches.

In a stroke of luck, the team managed to escape the room just in time. The key to their success? Rolling a lucky 5 on the dice, as it turned out to be the only way to unlock the exit.

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