May 19, 2024
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Cho Yeo Jung and Jung Sung Il Confirmed to Be Joining ‘K-movie Interview”‘ Cast

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Cho Yeo Jung and Jung Sung Il, K-movie Interview

The upcoming Korean movie “Interview” (literal title) has confirmed the casting of Cho Yeo Jung and Jung Sung Il. Cho Yeo Jung will play the role of Seon Ju, a veteran journalist desperate for an exclusive scoop, who encounters Young Hoon. Jung Sung Il will play the role of Young Hoon, A serial killer who has murdered eleven people has never been seen before and a genius killer clever enough to conceal his many crimes.

The casting of Cho Yeo Jung and Jung Sung Il for the upcoming Korean film “Interview” has been confirmed. Pre-production was completed on July 12, 2023, and filming was scheduled to begin on July 17, 2023.

Story of Korean movie “Interview”

‘The Interview’ is a thriller depicting the story of a desperate reporter who asks for a special interview with a serial killer who has committed 11 murders. The reporter believes that if he exposes Young-hoon’s crimes, he will get the scoop of a lifetime. However, Young Hoon is a cunning and manipulative man and he will not make it easy for her.

Cho Yeo-jung said that the movie “Interview” has an attractive script. She said the story is intense and is based on an interview between a reporter and a serial killer. She also said that she would do her best to convey the tension and enjoyment of the movie she felt while reading the script through the film.

Jo Yeo Jeong remarked, The script for “Interview” seems to have a lot of potential. The story-line is interesting. And it seems that the characters are complex and interesting. I’m also excited to see how Jo Yeo Jeong and Jung Sung Il will bring these characters to life.

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