July 19, 2024
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Lai Kuan-lin Announces Career Shift, Leaving Fans Confused

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Lai Kuan lin Announces Career Shift Leaving Fans Confused

Lai Kuan Lin (English name: Edward), a rising star who found fame in South Korea and China, has sparked confusion among fans with a sudden announcement on his Weibo account.

Former Wanna One Star Makes Sudden Move on Weibo

Lai Kuan-lin, who rose to prominence after participating in the second season of the South Korean audition show “Produce 101” and debuting in the group Wanna One, shifted his focus to mainland China after the group’s disbandment. He made a splash in China by landing the lead role in the Chinese adaptation of the popular Thai film “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and participating in well-known Chinese variety shows.

Sudden Announcement and Fan Reactions

However, on June 14th, Lai Kuan-lin surprised fans with a cryptic post on Weibo. Under the heading “Changing Tracks,” he wrote: “After careful consideration, I will change my career path. Based on changes in my career planning, this account will be managed by staff members from now on.” He also changed his profile picture to black, further fueling speculation about his future in the entertainment industry.

Lai Kuan lins Cryptic Weibo Post Sparks Fan Concerns About His Career

Fans reacted strongly to Lai Kuan-lin’s announcement. Some expressed confusion and disappointment, with comments like “So what are we?” and “You really don’t care about your fans at all…” Others questioned his commitment, saying things like “Are you giving up completely?” and “I thought 101 was the starting point, but it turned out to be the end point.” Some fans even expressed regret for becoming his fan in the first place.

Uncertain Future and Enduring Support

Despite the negative reactions, some fans chose to respect Lai Kuan-lin’s decision. However, the exact nature of his career shift remains unclear. Lai Kuan-lin has not revealed what his new path entails, leaving fans with lingering questions. There are still some fans who hold onto hope for his return to the entertainment industry, leaving messages expressing their continued support.

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