June 14, 2024
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Nana Removes Her Tattoos After Mom’s Request

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Nana Removes Tattoos After Mom’s Request: A Story of Strength and Healing

Former K-Pop star Nana shocked fans last year when she appeared at an event with numerous tattoos covering her arms and legs.

In June of this year Nana has once again posted a new set of surprising selfies. The tattoo appears to have faded in the photo, causing fans to wonder if she was removing them. Finally, she confirmed that the tattoo was being removed.

In the new episode of Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night, Nana confirmed that she is in the process of erasing her tattoos. She said she decided to have it removed because she didn’t like it anymore, and that she hopes to take on more acting roles in the future. She also said that although the tattoo removal process is painful, she is determined to follow through.

Nana revealed that she decided to get rid of the tattoos after her mom asked her to. “My mom carefully asked me and said she wants to see my clean body,” she said. “My mom even permitted me to get the tattoos… So I thought there was no problem with getting them.”

Nana also shared that she got the tattoos during a mentally challenging time in her life. “The period when I got the tattoos was a mentally challenging time for me,” she explained. “I thought it was the only way I could express my emotion.”

Nana said that she is now in a much better place mentally and is no longer in need of the tattoos as a form of expression. “As time passed by, I became much better and got comfortable…and that’s when my mom shared her thoughts,” she said.

Nana’s decision to have her tattoo removed received mixed responses from fans, with some fans expressing support for her decision. while others said they were disappointed

Regardless of the reactions, Nana seems to be happy with her decision. She told interviewers that she is “feeling mentally better now” and that she is “ready to move on.”

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