July 19, 2024

Ok Taec Yeon and Hayato Isomura Star in Netflix’s “Soul Mate”

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Ok Taecyeon and Hayato Isomura Star in Netflixs Soul Mate

Actor Ok Taec Yeon to Play Korean Boxer Hwang Johan

Actor Ok Taec Yeon is set to take on a new acting challenge through the upcoming Japanese Netflix series “Soul Mate.”

Taecyeon’s agency 51K announced on June 28th, “Ok Taec Yeon has been confirmed to appear in the Netflix series Soul Mate, which is currently in production with the goal of airing next year.” “Taecyeon will play the role of Korean boxer Hwang Johan and will meet global fans including those in Japan,” the agency added.

Taec Yeon’s Excitement for the Role

Taecyeon said, “I am very happy to be able to appear in the drama Soul Mate. I had been thinking that I wanted to gradually expand my spectrum and discover new sides of myself by taking on characters and genres that I haven’t tried before, and that’s when I was offered the role in Soul Mate. I became curious about the character of Hwang Johan as I read the script, and even after I finished reading the script, I was left with a lingering feeling about the deficiencies and pains that Johan has at his core, and that’s why I chose this work. I have been dieting and training in boxing since before filming, and I am continuing to do so during filming. I am working hard to portray the character of Johan in a sincere way, so I hope that the viewers will also look forward to it with anticipation.”

Netflix officially announced the first look at their upcoming Japanese series “Soul Mate,” starring Hayato Isomura and Ok Taec-yeon.

Up-and-Coming Creator Shunki Hashizume at the Helm

The drama is written and directed by up-and-coming creator Shunki Hashizume, who has been active in various fields in Japan as a novelist, screenwriter, director, and creator. Hayato Isomura, who has gained recognition for his acting skills through films such as Desire and Moon, is expected to show what kind of chemistry he will have with Taec Yeon. This will be Taec Yeon’s first challenge for Netflix Japan Originals, following his appearance in the Japanese film Grand Maison Tokyo.

Synopsis: A 10-Year Journey of Healing and Love

Soul Mate is a story about Ryu (Hayato Isomura), who left everything behind in Japan and is saved by a boxer named Johan (Ok Taec Yeon) in a foreign country. The two men, who had been shaken by an uncertain future, embark on a journey to heal and comfort each other’s wounds over the course of 10 years, with Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo as their backdrops.

Ok Taec Yeon to Undergo Transformation as Hwang Johan

In this work, Taecyeon will transform into the Korean boxer Hwang Johan. Johan is a boxer who has been living without taking care of his own wounds, but he gradually comes to realize the meaning of love and life through his encounter with Ryu, and he will lead the drama with his delicate acting skills that express the process of change.

Soul Mate to Premiere on Netflix in 2025

Soul Mate, which is expected to feature a different kind of acting transformation by Ok Taec Yeon, will be released exclusively worldwide on Netflix in 2025.

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