April 16, 2024
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Kim Heechul & Friends on My Little Old Boy: Funniest Moments & Surprising Revelations

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Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul’s honest stories and the cheerful chemistry between Kim Heechul, Jang Geun-suk, and Lee Hong-ki brought joy to the viewers.

On the March 2nd episode of SBS’s ‘My Little Old Boy (2024)’, Kim Heechul’s solo life was revealed. Kim Heechul spent time with Jang Geun-suk and Lee Hong-ki, showing off his honest stories and cheerful chemistry.

Kim Heechul surprised the two with his fourth-dimensional remarks. He said, “When I was little, didn’t I know I was good? I used to want to kiss myself in the mirror. I was jealous that my girlfriend kissed me.”

Kim Heechul then made a kissing gesture with the mirror and asked, “Have you ever done this honestly?” Jang Geun-suk laughed and said he did. Kim Heechul asked Jang Geun-suk, “If you had a younger sister, who would you want to connect her with, me or Lee Hong-ki?” Jang Geun-suk replied, “Hong-ki. We have a bond that goes beyond love.”

Kim Heechul said, “I also have loyalty. Wasn’t I loyal before?” Jang Geun-suk laughed and said, “Didn’t you get her number alone and meet her secretly before?” Kim Heechul feigned anger and said, “Just don’t come.”

The following broadcast showed Lee Sang-min, Kim Jun-ho, and Im Won-hee visiting Han Hye-jin’s house. Model juniors Cha Seo-rin and Park Se-ra also visited Han Hye-jin’s house.

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