April 16, 2024
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YoGhurt Nattasha Emerges Stronger After Divorce, Thanks “True Friends”

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YoGhurt Nattasha Emerges Stronger After Divorce Thanks True Friends

YoGhurt Nattasha, has finally spoken out after facing a major storm in her life. Her five-year marriage to famous TV host and DJ PK Piyawat Kempetch has ended in divorce.

Yoghurt took to Instagram (@yoghurt_nattasha) to express her gratitude to her “friends” who have been supporting, advising, and encouraging her to do the right thing during this difficult time. She referred to these friends who stood by her side as “true friends.

Instagram Post:

“Find healing in your strength, surround yourself with true friends. Each scar makes you stronger. I am deeply thankful for all the support—it truly means a lot to me.”

In addition to her recent post, Yoghurt also shared a message she previously posted on February 16th.

“Every time I face a problem, I want to thank my friends who advised and guided me to solve the problem with wisdom, not emotions. They helped me to see the bigger picture with reason and logic. They advised me to think and do the right thing, and did not encourage or support me to do anything wrong.

I want to thank my friends from the bottom of my heart. I call these friends of mine true friends. People who I can wholeheartedly call friends. There are not many of them. I don’t often have the chance to tell them I love and appreciate them. I want to thank them here. I’m glad to know that my close friends have led me to a better path. I am grateful and love my true friends very much. From the bottom of my heart.”

Yoghurt also posted a picture of herself looking stunning, strong, and confident in a pink dress, as if to reassure her fans of her inner and outer strength. The comments section under the post was filled with messages of encouragement from fans.

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Recently, Yoghurt has deleted all photos of her and P.K. from her Instagram, including their wedding photos. Many celebrities have come out to support Yoghurt, including Kalaya Marpatt who expressed her feelings during a live stream:

I’m here to support Yogurt. I dare to say that I support Yogurt.”

Kalaya also left a message for Yogurt:

Yogurt, you will have good things coming your way. Trust me, your life will be a million percent better. Trust me, and you deserve good things. You are very lucky. That’s it, from the bottom of my heart.” “switch paragraphs tons and write the unchanged content

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