April 16, 2024
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Jung Eun-chae’s ring on her left ring finger draws attention

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Jung Eun chaes ring on her left ring finger draws attention

Dating rumors surrounding actress Jung Eun-chae and product designer Kim Chung-jae were confirmed on March 21st by a representative from Jung Eun-chae’s agency, Project HoSoo. The agency stated, “Jung Eun-chae is getting to know Kim Chung-jae with positive feelings. They are currently in the early stages of their relationship.”

Prior to the confirmation, netizens spotted potential signs of their romance. The couple, both born in 1986, had been liking each other’s social media posts. Additionally, in July of last year, Jung Eun-chae shared photos and videos taken at Kim Chung-jae’s studio. There was also a photo with an acquaintance that included Kim Chung-jae.

While there was public curiosity about the exact start of their relationship, the agency declined to comment, citing privacy concerns.

A specific detail that sparked further speculation was a ring on Jung Eun-chae’s left ring finger in one of the photos. The casual nature of the photo, coupled with the ring’s placement, led some to believe it was a couple’s ring or even a wedding band.

However, according to OSEN, the ring has nothing to do with the recent dating rumors. A source close to the actress revealed that the ring on Jung Eun-chae’s left ring finger is an old ring she has been wearing as a fashion item for over 10 years. It was simply a coincidence that she was wearing it on her left ring finger, and she continues to wear it because it is a ring she likes.

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