June 14, 2024
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Malicious Comments Against BLACKPINK’s Lisa Spark Online Outrage

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BLACKPINKs Lisa swimsuit

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was the target of malicious comments. After she posted a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit suit on her Instagram.

The malicious comment that Lisa has received on @NEWJEANSGLOBAL’s Instagram account. but soon the comments were deleted and the account was blocked. and the fans are speaking out against online abuse and demanding an Apologize to Lisa.

LISA’s fans have been using the hashtag #APOLOGIZETOLISA on social media to demand an apology from the person who made the malicious comments. The hashtag has been trending on Twitter, and it has been used by thousands of fans to express their support for Lisa and to call for the person to be held accountable for their actions.

Some netizen said that the person who made the malicious comments was a fan of Lisa who was trying to be supportive, but they accidentally commented on the wrong account. It is also possible that the person was simply trying to stir up drama.

LISA’s fans were outraged by such comments. And they rushed to social media to demand an apology to their idol. They point out that Lisa is a grown woman who is free to wear whatever she wants. And she shouldn’t be offended just by posting a photos of herself in a swimsuit.

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Lisa has yet to comment on the incident, but her fans hope she can move on and continue to be herself. They also hope that this event will awaken the K-pop scene and lead to a more supportive and inclusive environment for all idols.

LISA isn’t the only K-pop idol targeted by malicious comments. in the past few years There is a growing trend of online harassment against K-pop idols. And it’s something the industry needs to fix. Fans and the industry need to work together to create a more positive and supportive environment for idols. so they feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of retaliation.

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