May 19, 2024
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New Stills from Netflix’s “Daily Dose of Sunshine” Reveal a Heartwarming Story of Healing and Hope

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New Stills from Netflixs Daily Dose of Sunshine Reveal a Heartwarming Story of Healing and Hope

Netflix has released new stills from its upcoming drama “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” . This heartwarming series, inspired by a webtoon and real-life experiences of a psychiatric nurse, revolves around the compassionate nurse Da Eun.

Da Eun, portrayed by the talented Park Bo Young, is a nurse who deeply cares for her patients. Her life takes a significant turn when she’s transferred from internal medicine to the mental health department. Despite the challenges of this new environment, Da Eun approaches her patients with a kind smile, listening to their burdens and providing solace. Along her journey, she finds encouragement from unexpected sources, including her best friend Song Yu Chan and proctologist Dong Go Yun. With the support of her colleagues, especially Hyo Shin, the head nurse of the Mental Health Department, Da Eun gradually adapts to her role in this unfamiliar setting.

The drama unfolds within the walls of the psychiatric ward at Myung Shin University Hospital, where the days begin early due to the absence of curtains. Director Lee Jae Gyu has brought the story to life using bright and warm colors, giving the drama a delightful storybook atmosphere. By infusing personal experiences, both his own and those of the actors, Director Lee aims to convey the important message that mental illness can affect anyone, anytime.

Director Lee Jae Gyu expressed his sentiment, stating, “This story is not just mine; it belongs to my family too. I’m confident you’ll find it heartwarming.”

“Daily Dose of Sunshine” is set to premiere on November 3.

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