June 22, 2024
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Han Ye-seul Reminisces About Her Honeymoon Memories

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Han Ye seul Reminisces About Her Honeymoon Memories
Actress Han Ye-seul; Image Courtesy: IG

Han Ye-Seul Shares Throwback Photos, Confirms Return to Korea

On June 8th, actress Han Ye-seul took to social media to share some lingering memories from her honeymoon. “There are so many photos from this trip that I’ll be uploading them slowly and steadily (I’ve already arrived in Korea),” she wrote, hinting at a collection of honeymoon pictures to come.

These posts come after nearly a month of Han Ye-seul sharing glimpses of her honeymoon, sparking rumors that she might have extended her stay abroad. However, her latest update clarifies that she has already returned to Korea.

Han Ye-Seul’s Honeymoon Snapshots

The newly released photos showcase Han Ye-seul basking in the sun on a yacht. Even in a simple fluorescent orange bikini, she radiates a chic and sophisticated aura. Her dedication to fitness is evident in her toned physique.

Fans were further impressed by Han Ye-Seul’s youthful glow, which belies the 10-year age gap between her and her husband.

Han Ye-Seul’s Marriage Announcement

Last month, Han Ye-seul announced her marriage filing after three years of dating, receiving an outpouring of well wishes from fans and followers.

Han Ye-seul registered her marriage with her boyfriend of 10 years her junior on May 7th. She has been dating him since May 2021 and considers him her lifelong partner. While she never felt the need to get married, she decided to register their relationship to publicly announce their commitment.

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