July 19, 2024
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Prayer, Provocative Performances, and Ji Ye Eun’s Honesty on Knowing Bros

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Prayer Provocative Performances and Ji Ye Euns Honesty on Knowing Bros

SNL Cast Members Appear on Knowing Bros

JTBC’s variety show “Knowing Bros” aired an episode on the 29th featuring main characters Jung Yi Rang, Ji Ye Eun, Yura, and Yoon Ga Yi from the sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live Korea” (SNL).

Ji Ye Eun and Yura expressed their nervousness before filming, with Ji Ye Eun even revealing, “I prayed before entering. I hoped the ad-lib would come out well.”

Lee Jin Ho’s Surprising Connection to Ji Ye Eun

Lee Jin Ho, a member of the “Knowing Bros” cast, attempted to lighten the mood by saying, “Don’t you remember me? Didn’t we drink together?” He then explained their connection: “I was introduced as a person who works as an actor at a group drinking party before the SNL broadcast.”

Balancing Provocative Performances with Personal Values

SNL Korea is known for its mature content, often featuring sketches unsuitable for viewers under 19. Ji Ye Eun, known for her participation in such sketches, sparked discussion about navigating this professional world while holding personal values.

“It is natural to follow 19+ performances,” the article acknowledges. However, Ji Ye Eun surprised viewers with her honesty, revealing, “My mother is a deacon, but I moved churches because I was embarrassed to see people.”

Prayer as a Source of Strength

Despite the show’s sometimes provocative nature, Ji Ye Eun’s source of strength came from an unexpected source: prayer.

She explained, “There was a provocative episode on SNL. One of them was that I had to act in front of a motel with my older brother Won-hoon, but I said I couldn’t. So I prayed, saying, ‘May I be able to handle it wisely, may I be humorous in front of people?'”

This revelation earned admiration from Kang Ho Dong, another member of the “Knowing Bros” cast.

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