June 14, 2024
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Kim Jae-joong’s “girlfriend” gift turns out to be a thoughtful gift from a fan

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Jaejoongs girlfriend gift turns out to be a thoughtful gift from a fan

On August 15, K-pop star Kim Jae-joong posted a picture of himself wearing a ring on his middle finger, along with the caption, “As soon as I arrived in Korea, I received this ring from my girlfriend as a gift.”

Fans were surprised to hear this news, but they soon discovered that Jae-joong’s “girlfriend” is actually a fan who had prepared a thoughtful gift for the star. The ring was a plain gold band, and it was clear that the fan had put a lot of thought into it.

Netizens left comments of support and congratulations on Jae-joong’s post, saying things like, “It suits you well,” “You received the gift well,” “The ring has found its owner,” and “Jaejoong wearing it is so lovely.”

Kim Jae-joong later explained that it was a gift from a fan and expressed his gratitude for the fan’s consideration.

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