July 24, 2024
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Actors Kim Seung-soo and Yang Jung-ah Show Signs of Love

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Actors Kim Seung soo and Yang Jung ah Show Signs of Love

In a previous episode of “My Little Old Boy,” aslo known as “Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling,” Yang Jung-ah confessed to having a one-sided crush on a male celebrity colleague for a decade. Kim Seung-soo playfully teased her, pointing out that her description matched him perfectly, leaving Yang flustered. This episode hints at a potential shift in their dynamic.

On the March 10 episode of SBS’s variety show “My Little Old Boy” promises an exciting development for viewers. We’ll get to see longtime best friends, Kim Seung-soo and Yang Jung-ah, on a heart-fluttering date.

At Kim Seung-soo’s house, his mother, who has always favored Yang Jung-ah as a daughter-in-law, expresses her delight at her visit. “I really like Yang Jung-ah,” she says. “I wish they would get together.” However, Kim Seung-soo remains playful, deflecting with, “We’re just friends.”

The playful banter takes a surprising turn when a flustered Yang Jung-ah throws a bombshell: “I might start thinking of you as a man.” This leaves Kim speechless. After an awkward pause, Kim Seung-soo makes a sudden confession. “If we’re both still single in the future, let’s live together,” he proposes. Yang Jung-ah agrees, “We could live together.”

Their date takes them to Hongdae, the district of youth. Despite the initial awkwardness of being in a small filming space, they take on affectionate poses like any couple, even attempting a back hug. This sweet display leaves everyone watching excited.

The production team adds to the suspense, teasing, “The two, who even share the same birthday, went so far as to get their fortune told. The shocking results of their compatibility test created another subtle atmosphere between them.” What could this shocking revelation be?

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