July 19, 2024
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Chinese Drama: Your Trap (2024) Cast, Plot & Premiere Info

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Meet the cast of “Your Trap”

Meet the cast of Your Trap 2024

Wen Mo Yan as Han Qing:
A shrewd and witty professional “emotional withdrawal counselor” who is both pure and seductive. Kind-hearted and quick-witted, she’s skilled at playing and maneuvering with men. “She began deceiving her first man at the age of twenty-two and entered the industry vowing to eradicate all the bad women and men within a 500-mile radius. However, she eventually falls deeply for her prey.”

Shen Hao Nan as Feng Si Qian (Chairman of Huajing Group): Fair-skinned and handsome, he exudes a scholarly elegance that hints at a brooding, fierce, and melancholic temperament. A master of the business world, he is not easily broken down. “Even when his eyes are ablaze with passion, there is still a hint of caution and restraint in his deepest depths. His relationship with Han Qing begins with intrigue and deception, taboo and passion. Through repeated suspicion, sacrifice, and devotion, they finally open their hearts to each other.”

He Long Long as Lin Zong Yi (General Manager of Huajing Group): The uncle of Yin Yi and Feng Si Qian. A mature and tough man with a darker complexion, the skeleton of a gentleman, and the skin of a playboy. He has a strong personality and takes great pleasure in creating chaos and then standing aloof.

Yu Xin Tian as Duan Yi (Nominal wife of the male protagonist, the owner of Huajing Group): Maintains a superficial relationship with the male protagonist while secretly scheming with her adulterous husband Ji Weijun to take power from him. “Later, she discovers that the relationship between the female protagonist and the male protagonist is growing stronger and stronger, and she begins to feel threatened and wants to drive out the female protagonist.”

Plot Synopsis

Han Qing (Wen Mo Yan), an emotional counselor, is hired by a client to investigate her husband’s infidelity. She becomes the personal assistant to Feng Si Qian (Shen Hao Nan), chairman of Huajing Group, and is forced into a carefully planned conspiracy. As they search for the truth, they go from suspicion and testing to working together, helping each other, and being honest. In the end, they find the essence of marriage and the love of their true selves.

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