May 19, 2024
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BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the Highest Paid Asian Celebrity on Instagram

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BLACKPINKs Lisa is the Highest Paid Asian Celebrity on Instagram

K-pop Star Lisa Becomes the Asian Celebrity in Top 100 of Hopper HQ’s Rich List

Social media marketing platform Hopper HQ has released a comprehensive list of the top 100 most popular figures worldwide. The rankings were determined by various factors, including name popularity, industry category (such as sports, celebrity, influencers), follower count, and the cost per post.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the highest paid Asian celebrity on Instagram. She can command $575,000 per sponsored post. She is the only Asian celebrity in the top 100 of Hopper HQ’s list, which is dominated by Western celebrities. Lisa’s high earnings are due to her massive following and her marketable image. She has over 96 million followers on Instagram and her posts consistently get millions of likes and comments.

The top spot on the list is taken by American American singer, actress, producer, and businesswoman Selena Gomez. she has over 428 million followers on Instagram and can command a whopping $2,558,000 per sponsored post.

Lisa is the only K-pop artist on Hopper HQ’s Rich List cuz she’s a valuable asset to brands. She has a big following on Instagram, and her posts are often seen and interacted with. She’s also a fashion icon and trendsetter, so her followers are likely to be interested in the products and services that she promotes.


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