July 24, 2024
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“There’s Nothing to Hide”: Sarah Lahbati Confirms Breakup with Richard Gutierrez

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Theres Nothing to Hide Sarah Lahbati Confirms Breakup with Richard Gutierrez

Actress Sarah Lahbati has confirmed her single status, revealing that she and husband Richard Gutierrez have separated. In an interview with MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN News on March 1, Sarah openly addressed the rumors.

“Yeah. I mean, there’s nothing to hide,” she said. “I think it’s pretty clear to the public, isn’t it?”

When told she’s the leader of the singles club” Sarah laughed and responded, “Sure, I can be the big sister.”

Expressing gratitude for her current situation, Sarah stated, “I’m grateful, and it makes me happy and radiant.”

She also confirmed starting the process of moving to a new home in January.

Regarding their two sons, Sarah explained, “We share custody. We have our own schedule, which is private.”

Offering insight into her support system, Sarah shared, “My mom is guiding and helping me, especially when I’m filming. I’m so grateful for her.”

When asked about potential annulment proceedings, Sarah simply said, “No.”

Further fueling the rumors, Richard and Sarah unfollowed each other on Instagram.

In December, Richard’s mother, Annabelle Rama, revealed that Richard and their children were residing with her. While expressing her disapproval of a potential separation due to its impact on her grandchildren, she acknowledged the situation.

Previously, Sarah’s mother, Esther, alluded to their separation and co-parenting arrangement. However, official confirmation only came from Sarah herself.

Rumors circulated regarding a potential split between Sarah and Richard, who wed in 2020 and have two children, Zion and Kai. This speculation arose after fans observed a decline in the couple’s social media interactions, where they previously posted about each other frequently.

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