July 19, 2024
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Actress Liu Yuxin Loses Millions in Hollywood Home Burglary

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Actress Liu

Chinese actress Liu Yuxin (also know as Angel Liu, Liu Yuefei), known to many Taiwanese fans for her portrayal of the fiery “Mingyu Gege” in the period drama “Scarlet Heart,” has suffered a devastating burglary at her Los Angeles home. Now residing in the U.S. as an executive at a Hollywood film company, she expressed her anguish through social media, stating, “Years of hard work gone in an instant. The loss is in the millions.”

Photos shared by Liu Yuxin show the ransacked state of her residence, with the front door glass shattered and personal belongings strewn everywhere. Jewelry, watches, handbags, cash, and credit cards were all allegedly stolen, with empty boxes from several luxury brands like Hermes littering the floor.

“Cleaning up the mess,” Liu Yuxin wrote, “tears welling up in my eyes. After this, I really don’t want to stay in California anymore. The psychological trauma is huge. I can’t sleep, and in the past few days, repairmen and cleaners have been sharing their experiences fixing up other burglary victims’ homes. It’s horrifying.”

Liu Yuxin revealed that some victims have been targeted multiple times, with burglaries occurring as frequently as five times in a month for one victim. Others experienced second break-ins after not being completely robbed the first time, and some even sustained injuries or had safes buried underground located and stolen.

“I live in the best neighborhood with top-notch security systems,” Liu Yuxin stated, visibly shaken. “ADT, Ring – everything was disabled when the thieves came. Right now, it seems the only effective solutions are buying more insurance, getting a pack of attack dogs, having someone home at all times, and learning to protect myself with a gun. Nothing else seems to work.”

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