July 19, 2024
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Park Na Rae’s Family Makes So Much Kimchi, They Need 6 Refrigerators

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Park Na Rae

Comedian Park Na Rae Has 6 Refrigerators to Store Her Massive Food Portions and Her Family’s Kimchi

South Korean comedian Park Na Rae recently revealed that she has 6 refrigerators in her house. This revelation has gotten a lot of attention online, with some people finding it funny and others being amazed by her dedication to cooking.

Park Na Rae made the revelation on the August 1st episode of the variety show “Saturday is Good”. When the cast members asked her where they could buy a potato soup bowl, Park Na Rae said that she had one at home. She then went on to explain that she has 6 refrigerators in total because she makes big portions of food, and her mom and grandmother also make big portions. She said that she uses the refrigerators to store all of the food that she makes.

Park Na Rae’s revelation about her 6 refrigerators is even more impressive when you consider the fact that her mom and grandmother make kimchi with 250 heads of cabbage! That’s a lot of kimchi! It just goes to show how much Park Na Rae’s family loves to cook and eat.

Park Na Rae’s 6 refrigerators are a testament to her love of cooking and her dedication to feeding her loved ones. She is a talented cook who loves to share her food with others, and her 6 refrigerators are a way for her to do that.

So, if you’re ever feeling hungry, be sure to visit Park Na Rae’s house. She’s sure to have something delicious to eat, and she might even have some kimchi!

Park Na Rae

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