May 19, 2024
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Yang Jung-ah & Kim Seung-soo: 20 Year Relationship, Grocery Trip, Marriage Talk?

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Yang Jung ah Kim Seung soo 20 Year Relationship Grocery Trip Marriage Talk
Yang Jung-ah and Kim Seung-soo | My Little Old Boy; Image Courtesy: SBS

20-Year Partners Go Grocery Shopping, Spark Marriage Talk

Yang Jung-ah and Kim Seung-soo, a couple who have been together for 20 years, took their first trip together since their first date on the May 5th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment show “My Little Old Boy” (a.k.a. Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling, Miun Uri Saekki). Their grocery shopping trip sparked marriage talk among the cast members and even bystanders.

Castmates Excited for the Couple’s Future

The other cast members were enthusiastic about the couple’s one-night, two-day trip. They expressed their excitement with comments like, “So, that’s it! You should get married!” and “It seems like everything is already done. We don’t have to worry about Kim Seung-soo’s mother anymore.” Even random customers at the store joined in, shouting, “Get married, you two!”

Son Ji-chang and Oh Yeon-soo Offer Their Support

The couple then met Son Ji-chang and Oh Yeon-soo, another well-known loving couple in the entertainment industry. The two observed Yang Jung-ah and Kim Seung-soo and commented on their compatibility. Son Ji-chang, a 26-year friend of Kim Seung-soo, playfully nudged him to take action, saying, “He needs to get a move on.” Oh Yeon-soo, however, offered a more understanding perspective: “If that’s the case, would he have come this far? Just let him do it himself.”

As they explored the inside of the camper van, everyone was surprised to find only one bed. The amusement peaked when Son Ji-chang jokingly closed the door on the couple after they got in. Thankfully, the awkwardness was short-lived as they later discovered another bed hidden inside.

Kim Seung-soo’s attentiveness wasn’t limited to Yang Jung-ah. He even considered her parents’ health by choosing a specific type of coffee. This act prompted Oh Yeon-soo and Son Ji-chang to jokingly request wedding favors, with Son Ji-chang, the CEO of an event company, playfully offering to organize the entire wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii.

20 Year Partners Go Grocery Shopping Spark Marriage Talk
My Little Old Boy; Image Courtesy: SBS

Son Ji-chang observed, “I told Seung-soo to live with Jung-ah, but he didn’t deny it,” and Oh Yeon-soo chimed in, “Yang Jung-ah didn’t deny it either.” This seemingly unspoken agreement hinted at a deeper connection between the couple. The cast also noticed a shift in their dynamic, commenting that “They’re not girlfriend and boyfriend anymore.”

Reflecting on the experience, Yang Jung-ah admitted, “I didn’t realize it when we were filming, but I just realized that we look good together.” Kim Seung-soo also shared a peculiar encounter, revealing, “After Jung-ah came to my house, I found two strands of long hair in my room,” and added, “I felt a little strange.” Yang Jung-ah playfully responded, “Couldn’t it be another woman’s hair?” before asking how he felt about it. Kim Seung-soo’s reply, “It was strange, so I left the hair there for two days,” further fueled the lighthearted mood. Son Ji-chang capped it off with another humorous remark, “Instead of leaving the hair for two days, just take her and live with her,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

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