May 19, 2024
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Wandee Goodday: Unexpected Romance Blossoms Between Boxer & Doctor!

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GMMTV is preparing to unleash a wave of excitement with their new Thai seriesWandee Goodday,” where the chemistry between two young men, Great Sapol Assawamunkong and Inn Sarin Ronnakiat.

A Tale of Unexpected Encounters and Blossoming Romance

The series centers around Dr. Wandee (Inn Sarin Ronnakiat.), a heartbroken soul who finds himself entangled with Yoyak Phadetseuk (Great Sapol Assawamunkong), a renowned boxer, after a one-night stand. What begins as a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement soon takes an unexpected turn as their feelings deepen. The series explores the challenges and triumphs they face as they navigate this newfound romance.

Director Golf Tanwarin on the Title and Series Concept

“Wandee Goodday” refers to the character’s name, Dr. Wandee. The series tells stories of good days that can happen to anyone, but they must involve a learning process. Therefore, the word ‘Goodday‘ here signifies the process of learning which days are truly good and happy for us. It’s about learning to appreciate those moments. Hence, it becomes ‘Wandee Goodday.’

“We wanted to present a romantic comedy that’s comedic and heartwarming. Despite the serious professions of being a doctor and a boxer, we aimed to portray a lighter, cuter angle, almost cartoonish. With the inclusion of Great and In, we felt their chemistry was perfect for a romantic comedy series. It’s a combination that’s both entertaining and intriguing,” the director said.

Inn Sarin Embraces the Multifaceted Role of Dr. Wandee

Inn Sarin Embraces the Multifaceted Role of Dr. Wandee

Inn Sarin opens up about his character, Dr. Wandee:

This character is a bone and joint specialist, Dr. Wandee. He’s intelligent and somewhat cheeky. But in his cheekiness, there’s also vulnerability. I think Wandee is a multi-dimensional character who clicks quite quickly. Whatever the role requires – whether it’s being sharp, cheeky, sexy, or serious – he can adapt swiftly. He’s a doctor with many flavors. The challenge lies in keeping up with his mood swings.

Previously, whenever I played roles in dramas or series, they were often quite distant from me, like being a gangster or someone fighting for survival. When I knew I would play a doctor, I felt happy and excited because I would get to learn medical terms and procedures. Golf himself would guide me through the set and teach me medical terms or surgical techniques to ensure accuracy.

Great Supol Takes on the Energetic Role of YoYak

Great Supol Takes on the Energetic Role of YoYak

Great Supol dives into his portrayal of YoYak:

I play YoYak, who is mischievous and fun-loving. He’s someone who relies more on emotions than logic. YoYak is a nationally renowned boxer with a huge fan following. Wherever he goes to fight, people recognize him. He has a fair share of female fans too.

The most challenging aspect of this role is maintaining physical and body conditioning. Being a boxer, I have to maintain a certain level of fitness, and since YoYak is always in the ring, there are fight scenes at the beginning, middle, and end of the series. Additionally, YoYak is younger than me, so I have to adopt a more childish demeanor, be more mischievous and playful. I have to maintain this energy throughout.

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