July 19, 2024
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Unlikely Duo! “Good Partner” with P.O. & Nam Ji-hyun

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Unlikely Duo Good Partner with P.O. Nam Ji hyun

On July 12th (Friday), the SBS new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Good Partner‘ (written by Choi Yoo-na, directed by Kim Ga-ram, planned and produced by Studio S and Studio N) will premiere. The drama released photos on the 3rd capturing the first meeting of Han Yoo-ri (Nam Ji-hyun), a rookie lawyer entering the law firm ‘Daejeong’, and Jeon Eun-ho (P.O), the only rookie lawyer in the divorce team.

‘Good Partner’ is a human law office drama that explores the contrasting worlds of Cha Eun-kyung (Jang Na-ra), a seasoned lawyer who thrives on divorce cases, and Han Yoo-ri, a rookie for whom divorce is a completely new experience. The drama realistically portrays the challenges and complexities people face when dealing with unexpected separations. It also delves into the struggles of divorce lawyers who navigate the delicate balance of achieving the best outcome in difficult situations.

The script for ‘Good Partner’ is written by Choi Yoo-na, a well-respected divorce lawyer in Korea. This adds a layer of authenticity to the drama’s portrayal of the legal world. Highly regarded director Kim Ga-ram, known for his acclaimed work on “Nevertheless,” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” and “Vampire Detective,” brings his signature style to the drama, promising a relatable and captivating human law office story.

There’s high anticipation for the chemistry between Nam Ji-hyun and P.O. The released photos showcase Han Yoo-ri’s first day at work, a nervous rookie fresh out of law school. Jeon Eun-ho, a fellow rookie assigned to the divorce team, appears to offer a helping hand. Jeon Eun-ho has been tasked as Han Yoo-ri’s “dedicated marker,” aiming to prevent the frequent turnover of new hires in the department. This sparks curiosity about how this unlikely rookie duo will navigate the challenges of law firm life together.

Cast Remarks Excitement for Nam Ji hyun and P.Os Chemistry

The photos also hint at a blossoming friendship between Han Yoo-ri and Jeon Eun-ho. Their initial awkwardness seems to melt away, and they develop a supportive bond, evolving from “lunch friends” to “worry mates.” P.O’s character, Jeon Eun-ho, is described as someone with a strong emotional intelligence, allowing him to understand Han Yoo-ri’s feelings quickly. This dynamic makes them a source of strength for each other as they navigate the unpredictable world of law.

Cast Remarks Excitement for Nam Ji-hyun and P.O’s Chemistry

Nam Ji-hyun praises her on-screen partner, P.O, highlighting his ability to create a comfortable atmosphere on set. “Jeon Eun-ho is the only person who can get along well with all of us,” Nam Ji-hyun says. “P.O is also playing that role on the set, and he is very good at making people feel comfortable, so it was really good to act with him. Please watch the scenes where Han Yoo-ri and Jeon Eun-ho appear together because they are fun.”

P.O echoes this sentiment, commending Nam Ji-hyun’s dedication and professionalism. “Nam Ji-hyun shows up on the set and you can see that she has ‘prepared a lot,'” P.O says. “So she is always filming with a learning mindset. I am receiving a lot of help so that I can act comfortably.”

Character Description: Jeon Eun-ho – Honest and Supportive

P.O describes his character, Jeon Eun-ho, as someone raised with a lot of love and who prioritizes honesty with himself and his emotions. He interestingly chooses “ice cream” as a metaphor for the relationship between Yu-ri and Jeon Eun-ho. “Jeon Eun-ho and Han Yoo-ri are like ice cream that allows you to enjoy without thinking for a while when you are tired or hard at work,” P.O explains. “I think they are a healing relationship for each other, where they can forget that they are having a hard time when they are together.”

SBS’s “Good Partner” premieres on Friday, July 12th, at 10 PM.

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