June 22, 2024
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Singer Kim Ho-joong Arrested for Drunk Driving, Companions Identified

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Singer Kim Ho joong Arrested for Drunk Driving Companions Identified

Comedian Jeong Chan-woo and rapper Gil identified as companions of Kim Ho-joong’s hit-and-run incident

Comedian Jeong Chan-woo and Rapper Gill Named as Those Who Drank with Kim Ho-joong Before Incident

Singer Kim Ho-joong, who was arrested on charges of drunk driving, has been identified as having been drinking with comedian Jeong Chan-woo and rapper Gill on the day of the incident. Kim Ho-joong’s agency, Saenggak Entertainment, has admitted that Jeong Chan-woo was present at the screen golf outing, but has denied that he was with Kim Ho-joong at the subsequent dinner and entertainment bar.

Golf Outing Followed by Dinner and Drinks

According to an entertainment media outlet, Jeong Chan-woo and Gill were among the celebrities who were drinking with Kim Ho-joong in Gangnam, Seoul on the evening of May 9, the day of the hit-and-run accident. The three men reportedly had a golf outing at a screen golf course in Gangnam, and then went to a restaurant and an entertainment bar for dinner and drinks.

Connections and Denials

Jeong Chan-woo is a founding member and major shareholder of Saenggak Entertainment. Gill is not personally acquainted with Kim Ho-joong, but is said to be close to Chan-woo and was invited to the outing by him.

Hit-and-Run and Initial Denial

Kim Ho-joong is accused of hitting a taxi from the opposite lane and fleeing the scene on the evening of May 9. He initially denied drinking before the accident, but later admitted to drinking after the results of a blood test conducted by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation showed that he had been drinking.

Arrest on Multiple Charges

On May 24, the police arrested Kim Ho-joong on charges of aggravated dangerous driving resulting in injury and death, hit-and-run resulting in injury and death, failing to stop after an accident, and aiding and abetting the escape of a criminal.

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