June 22, 2024
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Teddy’s New Girl Group Delayed: Moon Seo-yoon’s Shocking Exit Explained

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Teddys New Girl Group Delayed Moon Seo yoons Shocking Exit

On May 10, Moon Seo-yoon, granddaughter of Shinsegae Group chairman, reportedly fails to make the final lineup of Teddy’s new girl group

Granddaughter of Chairman Lee Myung-hee Not Included in Final Lineup

Moon Seo-yoon, the granddaughter of Shinsegae Group chairman Lee Myung-hee, has reportedly failed to make the final lineup of Teddy’s new girl group. According to music industry sources on Wednesday, Moon Seo-yoon was not included in the final lineup of the girl group being newly prepared by Teddy’s label, The Black Label. The exact reason for her exclusion has not been disclosed.

Moon Seo-yoon: From Trainee to Unexpected Exit

Moon Seo-yoon is the granddaughter of Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung-hee and the daughter of Shinsegae Group President Chung Yoo-kyung. She is also the niece of Shinsegae Chairman Chung Yong-jin. In February, news broke on various online communities that Moon Seo-yoon was training as a “Teddy girl group trainee,” causing a stir. she had been preparing for her girl group debut under The Black Label since 2018. At the time, her agency did not deny the rumors, leading many to believe that she would be joining the group.

Teddy’s New Girl Group: Delayed Debut

Meanwhile, the debut date of Teddy’s new girl group has not yet been set. The group was originally aiming for a debut in the first half of the year, but a debut in the second half is now more likely.

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