April 16, 2024
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Kim Sae-ron’s Acting Career Stalled After DUI Incident

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Kim Sae rons Acting Career Stalled After DUI Incident

Kim Sae-ron’s acting career appeared to hit a wall in December 2021 after her appearance in the KBS2 drama special “The Palace.” Though she made a Netflix appearance in “Bloodhounds” in 2023, controversy surrounding a DUI incident resulted in heavily edited scenes, making it difficult to even credit her in the project.

DUI and Public Outrage

Once a celebrated “well-grown child actress” and an “icon of change” for roles in films like “The Man from Nowhere,” Kim Sae-ron’s grace period abruptly ended on May 18, 2022. Caught driving under the influence (DUI) in Seoul’s Gangnam district, her car collided with guardrails, trees, and a transformer.

Kim Sae-ron’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was a staggering 0.2%, exceeding the license cancellation limit of 0.08%. Public criticism intensified when she opted for a blood test instead of a breathalyzer, perceived as an attempt to delay the process. The outrage grew further upon learning her BAC level was high enough to lose her license.

Apologies, Hiatus, and Further Scrutiny

Kim Sae-ron issued an apology and went on hiatus, but further disapproval arose regarding the disruption she caused to ongoing projects. During this break, she was seen trying to celebrate a birthday with friends, contradicting her self-reflection period. Additionally, claims of working part-time at a cafe to make ends meet were later exposed as false. Reports also surfaced of her gambling at a casino.

Legal Consequences and Comeback Attempts

In her first trial, Kim Sae-ron received a 20 million won fine. While expressing frustration over inaccurate media reports, she admitted, “It’s true I’m working part-time, and the financial burden is real.” However, public skepticism persisted.

Since then, Kim Sae-ron has signaled a potential return through music video appearances and profile picture updates. Recent reports even show her teaching acting to aspiring actors. The once prominent member of the “child actor troika” with a promising future now seeks to rebuild her career.

While a swift comeback might be on her mind, Kim Sae-ron’s true path lies in genuine self-reflection. Recollecting why the public admired and supported her initially is crucial. Only time will tell if Kim Sae-ron, showcasing her recent activities through various part-time jobs, can regain public trust and return to acting with true sincerity.


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