June 14, 2024
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BTS RM Needs Your Help Finding a Girlfriend!

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BTS RM Needs Your Help Finding a Girlfriend

BTS RM Tells Fans He Wants a Girlfriend: ARMY Responds Excitedly

BTS leader RM, real name Kim Namjoon, told fans during a live stream on October 10 that he is currently single and wants to find a girlfriend.

“I really want a girlfriend, but I don’t have one right now. Can you introduce me to one?” RM asked fans, who responded excitedly.

RM’s comment comes just a few days after fellow BTS member Jungkook said during a live stream that he is also single and that ARMY is his girlfriend.

“I keep seeing what you’re writing, but I don’t have a girlfriend. Let’s say that ARMY is my girlfriend. I really only have ARMY right now,” Jungkook said.

It is unclear if RM or Jungkook are actually interested in dating fans, or if they were simply joking around. However, their comments have certainly sparked a lot of conversation among ARMY.

In other news, RM recently donated 100 million won (~$73,600 USD) to the Korean Society of Legal Medicine.

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