April 16, 2024
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Rising Star: Jeon Jong Seo Transforms in “Wedding Impossible”

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Jeon Jong Seo Transforms in Wedding Impossible 3

tvN’s upcoming drama “Wedding Impossible” follows Na Ah Jung (Jeon Jong Seo), an aspiring actress with hidden depths. Despite having amazing talent and years of experience playing everything from brides to monkeys, Na Ah Jung remains stuck in the world of bit parts. But her luck might change when she agrees to a crazy proposition: a fake marriage with her friend Lee Do Han.

There’s just one catch: Do Han’s younger brother, Lee Ji Han, is dead set against the whole thing. Sparks fly as Na Ah Jung and Ji Han clash, but underneath the tension, a different kind of chemistry starts to simmer.

Na Ah Jung isn’t just any struggling actress. She’s a chameleon, transforming herself for each role with dedication and skill. This dedication extends to singing, and in “Wedding Impossible,” Na Ah Jung goes the extra mile by belting out her own tunes, even trying her hand at trot, a lively Korean genre.

“I like karaoke,” she says with a laugh, “so I just picked songs I know well and went for it!” While she admits it wasn’t always perfect, her commitment to the character shines through.

The producers of “Wedding Impossible” are convinced viewers will be charmed by Na Ah Jung’s journey, brought to life by the talented Jeon Jong Seo. They promise a fun, heartwarming story with a unique twist on love and ambition.

“Wedding Impossible” premieres on February 26th.

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