April 16, 2024
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“Doctor Slump” BTS Photos Unveil the Dedication Behind the Romance

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Doctor Slump BTS Photos Unveil the Dedication Behind the Romance

JTBC’s drama “Doctor Slump” dropped some adorable new behind-the-scenes photos! This romantic comedy follows the story of two former rivals, played by the super popular Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye, who unexpectedly reunite and become each other’s support system during their toughest times.

Park Hyung Sik stars as Yeo Jung Woo, a successful plastic surgeon whose career takes a nosedive after a strange medical accident. Park Shin Hye plays Nam Ha Neul, a hardworking anesthesiologist who’s burnt out and feeling the pressure.

As “Doctor Slump” continues to climb the popularity charts, these new photos give us a peek at the sizzling chemistry between the two leads. The pictures show them filming a scene where Nam Ha Neul ends up going on a surprise date with Yeo Jung Woo after a job interview that didn’t go as planned. Their bright smiles and playful poses practically radiate warmth and connection.

The photos also capture the serious side of things. Between takes, Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik huddle with director Oh Hyun Jong, discussing ways to make the scene even better. Their dedication and passion for the project are clear to see. And it doesn’t stop there – the actors even monitor their own performances on camera, showcasing their true professionalism.

Tune in to the next episode of “Doctor Slump” on February 17th at 10:30 PM KST!

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