June 22, 2024
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Red Velvet’s Joy and Kim Hye-Yoon in Talks for Drama “The Year We Turned 29”

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Red Velvets Joy and Kim Hye Yoon in Talks for Drama The Year We Turned 29

There’s a buzz around whether Red Velvet’s Joy and Kim Hye-yoon, will be acting together in the drama “The Year We Turned 29.”

The Year We Turned 29: Tale of Growth and Friendship

According to a July 7th report by Xportsnews, Joy is seriously considering a role in “The Year We Turned 29,” a drama adaptation of the Naver webtoon of the same name. The webtoon falls under the youth romance genre and follows the story of three people with the same name who are struggling in their relationships, careers, and academic pursuits. It portrays the relatable experiences of “The Year We Turned 29” stuck in a rut, navigating their growth and relying on each other as they approach their 30s.

Joy Up for the Role of Cha Woo-ri

Joy is reportedly set to play Cha Woo-ri, a cool and reserved airline attendant. In real life, Joy is a member of the K-pop group Red Velvet, approaching her 10th anniversary this year. She’s also established herself as an actress, having appeared in dramas like “The Liar and His Lover” (2017), “Tempted” (2018), “The One and Only” (2021), and “Once Upon a Small Town” (2022). Fans are eager to see her portray a new character in “The Year We Turned 29.”

The Year We Turned 29 – Long-Awaited Drama Adaptation

The webtoon “The Year We Turned 29” has garnered a positive reception from all age groups since its serialization began in March 2019. Originally planned for a drama adaptation in the second half of 2020, the project was postponed and is now being prepped for production once again.

Kim Hye-Yoon: Fan Favorite Up for Consideration

Last year, reports emerged that actress Kim Hye-yoon was also in talks for a lead role in “The Year We Turned 29.” With the production being revived, there’s renewed curiosity about her potential involvement. Kim Hye-yoon rose to fame through dramas like “SKY Castle” (2018), “Extraordinary You” (2019), and “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” (2021). Her recent work, the tvN drama “Lovely Runner” (2024), garnered her much love both domestically and internationally.

Kim Hye-Yoon’s Next Project: Will it be “The Year We Turned 29?”

With anticipation high for Kim Hye-yoon’s next project, she recently addressed the Monday blues phenomenon on MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seok Hoon’s Brunch Cafe” on the 4th. When asked how to combat it, she stated, “I will come back as soon as possible with a good work, a work that can be a cure for Monday blues.” This has turned the spotlight on whether she’ll confirm “The Year We Turned 29” as her next endeavor.

Real-Life Friends, On-Screen Chemistry?

Adding another layer of intrigue, both Joy and Kim Hye-yoon are the same age, born in 1996. They could be seen as real-life friends about to turn 30. This similarity has fans excited about the potential chemistry they could bring to the screen.

Will Joy and Kim Hye-Yoon Team Up?

While the production of “The Year We Turned 29” hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, and casting is not finalized, the fact that both Joy and Kim Hye-yoon are seriously considering the offer is raising anticipation for their co-starring roles. If the two stars do come together, it’s bound to be a highly anticipated drama that resonates with viewers due to its relatable portrayal of “The Year We Turned 29” navigating life’s challenges.

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