July 19, 2024
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“Case Chief” Exposes Alleged Bullying by Song Ha-Yoon

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Case Chief Exposes Alleged Bullying by Song Ha Yoon
Song Ha-Yoon; Image Courtesy: tvN’s “Marry My Husband.”

South Korean actress Song Ha-Yoon is facing controversy after a recent episode of JTBC’s “Case Chief” reported on bullying accusations against actress “S”. Netizens identified “S” as Song Ha-yoon based on data shown on “Case Chief,” who recently played the villainous Jung Soo-min in tvN’s “Marry My Husband.”

Accusations of Bullying and Assault

The program featured an accuser who claimed to have been bullied by actress S in August 2004. The accuser, a male student in his second year at the time, described being called to a playground and then slapped continuously for about an hour and a half by S, who was a senior. The accuser also stated they were unable to confront S due to her popularity and a fear of further bullying.

The accuser stated, “I was in my second year of high school, while S was in her third year. We used to be on good terms as seniors and juniors. One day, she suddenly called me during lunchtime. She asked me to come to a playground behind the OO apartment near OO High School. When I went there, she and two others were sitting there.”

The accuser continued, “As soon as I arrived, she started hitting me. I don’t remember the reason why I was hit, but I just remember getting slapped continuously for about an hour and a half. At that time, S had a popular boyfriend at school. Even though I am a guy, I couldn’t confront a senior girl. If the school violence incident were to be revealed, all the people she had bullied would come forward, and the people I called already knew about the past incidents.” The accuser claimed to have been subjected to school violence by S in August 2004.

At that time, S’s boyfriend, through a conversation with the accuser, said, “It’s evident that people, including you (S), have been harmed. But it’s obvious that she was at fault too. It’s been a long time, and it’s traumatic for you, so I can’t really say anything about your decision to come forward.”

Regarding the accuser who currently resides in the United States, the ‘Case Chief‘ side stated, “S’s agency tried to contact the accuser, saying that S was overseas and couldn’t be reached. They suggested meeting in Korea. When the accuser refused, they suggested going to the United States together with S. The accuser needed money, so they didn’t expose the incident, but simply wanted to know why they were hit like that. S stated that she ‘does not remember anything related to school violence’.”

Song Ha-Yoon’s Agency Reaches Out

According to the program, Song Ha-Yoon’s agency attempted to contact the informant after the allegations surfaced. The agency reportedly suggested a meeting in Korea, which the informant declined, and even offered to travel to the United States, where the informant resides. However, the informant’s primary concern was not financial compensation but understanding the reason behind the assault. The program claims Song Ha-Yoon denied any recollection of the incident.

Netizens Demand Explanation

News of the allegations has sparked outrage online. Song Ha-Yoon’s recent Instagram post is flooded with comments demanding an explanation, with netizens referencing the “Case Chief” episode and questioning her past actions.

Comments such as “The person who slapped someone for an hour and a half at the playground?” “Did you see the news about the school violence incident that was covered?” “Life is a boomerang” “Is she really the perpetrator of school violence?” “Gang leader” “Why does it matter if she’s doing well on her own?” “Please provide an explanation” “Was it not acting but real?” are being displayed.

Song Ha Yoons recent Instagram post is flooded with comments bullying accusations

Past Bullying Claims Resurface

Further adding fuel to the fire, past online posts claiming Song Ha-Yoon bullied a classmate in 2018 have resurfaced. The netizen described her as having a “strong personality” despite her appearance and forcing their friend to transfer schools.

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