June 22, 2024
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Singer Tyson Yoshi Proposes to Girlfriend on Stage During Concert

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Singer Tyson Yoshi Proposes to Girlfriend on Stage During Concert

29-year-old singer Tyson Yoshi (Cheng Junyan), known for his unwavering devotion to his longtime girlfriend (Christy), frequently expresses his affection publicly. On June 7th, during his concert at The Vogue Theatre in Canada, he shared some wonderful news: he proposed to his girlfriend on stage! “She said yes!” Many netizens have showered the couple with congratulations.

Public Display of Devotion

Tyson Yoshi (Cheng Junyan) and his girlfriend have garnered recognition for their enduring dedication, consistently expressing their love for each other in public.

Proposal Success for Tyson Yoshi

Tyson Yoshi (Cheng Junyan) announced his successful proposal to his longtime girlfriend.

Proposal Success for Tyson Yoshi

While TY might cultivate an image of being rebellious and has acknowledged having a colorful dating history, he has become remarkably dedicated to his current girlfriend. The 2018 song “To My Queen” was a gift specifically for his girlfriend, Christy, and the chart-topping song “Chirsty” was also custom-made for her. He even incorporated her name directly into the lyrics of the song.

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