July 19, 2024
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Natural Beauty Wins: Dilraba Dilmurat’s High Nose Bridge Explained

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Natural Beauty Wins Dilraba Dilmurats High Nose Bridge Explained

Dilraba Dilmurat, one of the “Four Beauties of Xinjiang,” possesses innate beauty that is hard to resist. Every time she appears, she captivates the entire scene with her stunning presence, which explains why she has been a beauty benchmark for many years.

On the 27th, she released her latest promotional photos for the variety show “Let’s Start Reasoning 2.” In these photos, she appears in a “Dark Night Barbie” look and has been highly praised for resembling a mysterious and beautiful dark night red rose. Her black attire is stirring hearts.

However, being too beautiful also comes with its own troubles. Recently, some netizens commented that they had always thought her high, straight nose was a makeup effect. It wasn’t until she appeared at a recent event and was captured in high-definition close-ups that they realized her high nose bridge naturally casts shadows. It’s not due to heavy makeup contouring as speculated—when she turned her head, it became evident that there was no contouring makeup at all.

Even Dilraba Dilmurat’s makeup artist admitted that it’s easy to work with the goddess because she doesn’t need additional nose shading or contouring. A few gentle strokes are enough to make her captivating, truly evoking envy and admiration.

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