April 16, 2024
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Young Park Young-han Takes the Case in “Chief Detective 1958”: Ox-Strong Hero Tackles Seoul’s Underworld

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Young Park Young han Takes the Case in Chief Detective 1958 2

On February 15th, MBC’s exciting new Friday-Saturday drama “Chief Detective 1958” (written by Kim Young-shin and directed by Kim Seong-hoon) unveiled the first official still of Park Young-han (played by Lee Je-hoon), a young man equipped with a smart gun. This glimpse of Captain Park in his youth, brimming with the strength of an ox and passionate zeal, has fueled anticipation for the series.

Young Park Young han Takes the Case in Chief Detective 1958
Stills from ‘Chief Detective 1958’ | MBC

“Chief Detective 1958” serves as a prequel to the iconic Korean investigative drama “Chief Inspector (1971),” revisiting the year 1958 when detective Park Young-han is assigned to Seoul. The story follows Park Young-han, a detective specializing in apprehending petty thieves in a rough-and-tumble era. Teaming up with three unique colleagues, he tackles the absurdities of corrupt power with common sense and determination, becoming a true detective for the people.

In this era, profiling and ubiquitous CCTV were absent. Crimes were solved solely through innate intuition, keen insight, and unwavering tenacity. This retro crime investigation drama, infused with the romance and excitement of analog investigation, promises a unique catharsis for the younger generation and a fresh wave of fun and emotion for those who remember Captain Park’s legendary exploits.

Hit-makers have joined forces to ensure the triumphant return of this national drama. Director Kim Seong-hoon, renowned for his captivating work in films like “Confidential Assignment 1” and “Rampant,” takes the helm. Promising new writer Kim Young-shin, discovered by the MBC drama IP development team behind “Old School Intern” and “Black Sun,” pens the script. Additionally, acclaimed writer Park Jae Bum, known for his work on “Good Doctor,” “The Fiery Priest,” and “Vincenzo,” participates as a creator, further enticing drama fans.

Captain Park, the legendary character brought to life by national actor Choi Bul-am and affectionately known as “Korea’s Columbo,” will find his youthful counterpart in the trusted actor Lee Je-hoon. “Chief Detective 1958” marks Lee Je-hoon’s portrayal of the captivating character in his younger years.

The year is 1958, Seoul. Ox carts and automobiles share the streets. Park Young-han arrives in the bustling city with nothing but a bag in hand. His expression, as he stands before the Jongnam Police Station, brims with excitement. While his appearance might seem somewhat shabby and rough around the edges, he is an undeniable hillbilly detective with an unmatched record in apprehending cattle thieves. Now, he finds himself in Seoul, a city teeming with events far grander than those he encountered in his hometown of Hwangcheon.

Throughout his adventures, Park Young-han maintains his composure and a sly grin, even in life-threatening situations that force him to draw his pistol. His relentless pursuit of criminals showcases the qualities that make him such a formidable detective. In a time when justice seems to be crumbling, what kind of performance will this passionate detective with the strength of an ox deliver? Audiences eagerly await his story, promising both emotional resonance and catharsis through its refreshing investigative journey.

The production team shared their enthusiasm, stating, “Look forward to Lee Je-hoon’s captivating performance as he breathes new life into the young Park Young-han. Detective Park Young-han’s thrilling adventures with his unique colleagues, coupled with the captivating charm and sheer joy of analog investigation, guarantee an exciting and suspenseful viewing experience.”

“Chief Detective 1958” premieres on April 19th at 9:50 PM KST. Don’t miss it!

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