July 24, 2024
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K-Pop Artist Sam Kim Leaves Agency After a Successful Decade

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K Pop Artist Sam Kim Leaves Agency After a Successful Decade

On March 8, Antenna announced that Sam Kim’s exclusive contract with the agency has ended after 10 years.

Hello, this is Antenna.

We want to thank you for supporting Sam Kim over the years.

After ten years, Sam Kim's agency contract will end in March 2024.

We will always cherish our memories with him and his impactful music, which has moved our hearts. We are grateful for his time with us and will continue to support him as he pursues his career as an artist. Lastly, we hope that, like the lyrics of 'Sunny Days, Summer Nights,' the road we have walked together will remain a fond memory for Sam Kim and everyone who cared for him so that one day in the distant future, we will look back and laugh together. Thank you. Antenna said in a statement.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to Sam Kim for being with us for a long time, and we sincerely hope that Sam Kim will continue to be a great artist in the future,” the agency added.

Sam Kim joined Antenna in 2014 after finishing as a runner-up on SBS’s “K-pop Star 3.” He made his official debut in 2016 and has since released hit songs such as “Make Up,” “Love Me Like That,” “The One,” and “That Spring.”

What’s Next for His Career?

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