July 24, 2024
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Lucas Goes Solo: First Single “Renegade” & Asian Fancon Tour

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Lucas Wong, a former member of the popular South Korean boy group NCT, was embroiled in a cheating and freeloading scandal in 2021. After two years of hiatus, he announced his comeback as a solo artist and will be releasing a new single album. Today, he surprised fans by announcing an Asian fancon tour, which includes a stop in Taipei on June 2.

Lucas was a member of the boy group NCT. He is of Hong Kong nationality. In 2021, he was accused of a series of scumbag behaviors, including freeloading off his girlfriends, asking them to pay for all dating expenses, and treating fans as his harem and asking them to meet him in hotel rooms. His image was greatly damaged, and he withdrew from the groups NCT and WayV.

Lucas’ official social media accounts released the news of his solo comeback earlier this year, announcing that he will be releasing his first solo single “Renegade” on April 1. He also reactivated his fan community Bubble. Today, he surprised fans by announcing his first Asian fancon tour, “Flat Lux: 熙”. The confirmed dates include:

  • April 13: Hong Kong
  • May 11: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • June 2: Taipei, Taiwan
  • June 15: Manila, Philippines

More dates are to be announced. He is expected to visit major Asian cities to promote his first solo single.

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