April 16, 2024
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Jeon Jong-seo’s eye-catching ceremonial pitch at the LA Dodgers-Kiwoom Heroes game

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Jeon Jong seo showed off her toned physique without any flab even with the bold pitching motion ar

On the March 17, Actress Jeon Jong-seo drew attention with her leggings fashion at the LA Dodgers vs. Kiwoom Heroes exhibition game held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Jeon Jong-seo wore an ivory-colored LA Dodgers short-sleeved T-shirt cropped to reveal her abdomen.  She sported gray leggings that hugged her curves, paired with white socks featuring blue stripes.

Jeon Jong-seo showed off her toned physique without any flab, even with the bold pitching motion, arousing the admiration of the audience. Jeon Jong-seo tied her long hair in a ponytail, adding to her innocent look.

Leggings Fashion at the Ballpark

Leggings fashion at the ballpark has been popularized since actress Clara wore it in 2013. At the time, Clara wore a cropped two-san Bears uniform and tight striped leggings, which sparked controversy over its sensuality.

Clara explained on the tvN entertainment show “Taxi” that she chose the outfit herself because she wanted to show off her toned body and healthy beauty. After the controversy over her outfit, Clara became known to the public and gained great popularity. She is also remembered as a legend among baseball fans for her excellent pitching form as well as her outfit.

Jeon Jong seo showed off her toned physique without any flab even with the bold pitching motion ar 1
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Netizens Reactions

Jeon Jong-seo’s leggings fashion at this game also drew mixed reactions from netizens. Some commented, “The birth of a new baseball goddess,” “Leggings are not baseball uniforms, are they?” and “What’s wrong with wearing sportswear?” Others commented, “It was embarrassing to see her butt so exposed,” and “Jeans were pretty enough.”

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