February 25, 2024
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From Security Guard to Co-Star: The Unexpected Journey of Shin Sung Ho

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Red Velvets Former Security Guard Is Now a Co Star at movie Double Patty

Red Velvet’s Former Security Guard Stars in the Movie ‘Double Patty’

Shin Sung Ho, a rising Korean actor, used to work as a security guard for the popular K-pop group Red Velvet. This interesting fact was recently discovered by Korean netizens, who stumbled upon a past photo of the actor as a bodyguard for the girl group.

Security Guard to Silver Screen The Story of Shin Sung Ho

Shin Sung Ho began working as a security guard after he quit playing soccer. He was assigned to work at a Red Velvet fan sign event, where he may have first met Irene, a member of the group. Years later, Shin Sung Ho made his debut as an actor and co-starred with Irene in the movie “Double Patty.”

This unexpected turn of events is a reminder that life is full of surprises. Who would have thought that a security guard would one day become a co-star with the very group he once protected?

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